Photographs on the Brain

Photographs on the Brain

Edited by Bryan Formhals



If you’re a photobook geek, you’ll appreciate my pal Eric Marth’s new essay on the various editions of Walker Evans’ American Photographs in the newly released issue of Ahorn Magazine. Eric examined every printing of American Photographs and researched the technical processes used each time, including the 75th Anniversary edition recently published by MoMA. The images above depict an insets of a picture from the book, illustrating how printing processes have differed and quality has varied from 1938 to 2012. Read the essay here.

And be sure to check out rest of the issue of Ahorn. It’s of full of goodness, such as friends Richard and Stanley talking about the complexities of America and pictures in this piece, as well as an interview with the great  Nicholas Nixon, and a showing of work from Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese’s now unattainable book, Found Photos in Detroit.  Thank you, Daniel and Anya; you make us wait but never disappoint. 


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